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Proud to provide Gisborne Orthodontic Treatment

Dental Care Centre offers both Adult and Kids braces at the clinic. We have a range of different services available including the conventional metal bracket and wire option as well as the very popular Invisalign (virtually invisible plastic retainer) option.

You may be pleased to hear that the orthodontic cost is not always as great as you might think. Let our trusted staff talk you through the different options to help you to decide the best orthodontic solution to suit your budget and needs

INVISALIGN® differs from traditional orthodontic treatments as it uses custom made clear plastic removable retainers to straighten the teeth. The benefit of this method is that it is virtually invisible when worn and is a great option for Adults seeking teeth straightening work

The average treatment takes around 12-14 months however the treatment time will vary depending on the complexity of the case. Invisalign has been used to straighten teeth on more than 2 million patients worldwide.

For further information visit the Invisalign website

5 key benefits of orthodontic treatment
  • Confident beautiful Smile
  • Teeth are easier to keep clean less food trapped between crooked teeth and hard to floss areas)
  • Cleaner mouth / fresh breath teeth are easier to clean resulting is less bacterial build up and healthier gums.
  • Reduced exposure to dental injury (as teeth are not protruding outside the jaw line)
  • Balance wear patterns on teeth (reduced chipping due to uneven bite)

Orthodontic treatment is another way the quality dentists at Dental Care Centre can help keep your teeth and gums healthy and happy to keep your smile looking great for years to come.


Dr Amess is a graduate of the Progressive Orthodontics Training Programme. This programme is specifically designed to train and support general practice dentists in the provision of orthodontic treatment. The programme is a rigorous 2 year distance learning programme with a number of seminars and a comprehensive exam and case submission process.

Tim is continually training and upskilling in the area of orthodontics through the rigorous peer review process. He has also recently purchased and upskilled in digital scanning to enable to increase the speed and efficiency at which Invisalign treatment options can be provided.

Contact Dental Care Centre on (06) 867 9108 to find out more about these exciting techniques or book a consultation with Dr Amess to assess your suitability for orthodontic treatment.


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